Through the lens of my Alexander Technique teacher training, I believe that playing an instrument has to be an embodied experience. The instrument is our body and our body is our instrument. With each breath, we bring life into our art.

In collaboration with Bob Pritchard.

Grab Em'

After the 2017 Presidential Election, like many, I went through a period of mourning and questioning. Throughout the election, Trump's hateful rhetoric against marginalized communities was a constant source of anger and anxiety for me. As a queer, female artist, I struggled to see the relevance of art in a society where we were suddenly confronted with the sad reality that many communities already faced on a daily basis. Why does art matter when millions suffer? What is my role as an artist in a time of rage? This is a work of provocation.

Performers: Theresa Lei, Camille Cordroch, and Matt DuPont

Voices: Ivy Chao, Kristen Cooke, Elana Cooper, Émilie Fortin, Sarah Harrison, Nina Horvath, Anne May, Krystal Morrison, Denise O’Leary, Bahareh Poureslami, Katie Neale, and Aleah Wielinga. 

Glass Echoes 

I love dance. I love seeing music brought to life through the physicality of human expression. I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with the talented dancer, Maya Tenzer, on a piece by a female Asian-American composer, Tonia Ko. This work represents my exploration on the intersection of music and the Alexander Technique. 

Dance: Maya Tenzer

Composer: Tonia Ko